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A conference for personalized health technologies and the community providing them to biomedical and translational researchers in and around Switzerland, June 18 - 21, 2018.

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About Us.

NEXUS Personalized Health Technologies is an ETH Technology Platform created to enable and accelerate the execution of translational research projects by providing key technological resources, tools and collaboration opportunities for the personalized health research community.

The conference.

This conference brings together multidisciplinary experts to explore present and future directions in the field of personalized health technologies and with the goal to tackle challenges in innovative projects related to chemical hit identification, lead development, molecular circuit analyses, clinical bioinformatics and multivariate statistics.

The participants.

Key topics are advanced cell systems for HTS, chemical biology as well as data integration and analysis including their application in translational research projects with a special focus on national and international initiatives. The intention is to inform meeting attendees of current and future strategies for technological aspects, tools and methodologies in personalized health research and development.

Theragnostics Discovery.

Progress in the laboratory representation of clinical material has enabled novel possibilities for discovery and diagnostics with thus far unrivaled proximity to the patient. Advanced cell systems such as organoids allow for in-depth molecular profiling and functional studies as well as investigations of responses to chemical and therapeutic agents. Combined with robotic high-throughput screening technology and chemical biology empirical projects of very large scope have not only become conceivable but also present themselves with reasonable turnaround time.

Clinical Bioinformatics.

The ever increasing development of next-generation sequencing and mass spectrometric measurements allow for high resolution characterization of biomolecules derived from patient samples or mouse models of disease. While early challenges of storage and compute capacity have largely been addressed, present ones are the integration of multifaceted data including public online resources and the combined analysis thereof.


NEXUS Personalized Health Technologies
Otto-Stern-Weg 7, HPL G34.1
8093 Zurich, Switzerland

Phone Numbers.

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